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I Played Hooky and Stole Money from My Wings

I confess that I have not been in the shop for 2 reasons:

1) It's been really cold here in Jackson County, GA and my heater isn't good enough to heat the garage. 2) I took a week and went to Tulum, Mexico to escape the rat race. I've never been to Mexico (I'm not really going to count the day trip to Tijuana many years ago while TDY to San Diego for a conference) and never really thought about going until recently. I'm glad I went.

Going to Mexico meant I robbed some pennies from my wings kit fund in order to travel. But it was worth it. Work is a constant pressure that is a necessary evil that provides shelter, transportation, food and of course the airplane. However, I needed to take a break and disconnect even at the expense of my RV-8.

Now I need to eliminate the "being too cold to work in the shop" excuse so I can get back to building the tail feathers of the -8. I started researching garage heaters and trying to figure out what requirements are needed to heat the majority of the shop. Currently, the heater I have is great, but cannot produce enough heat nor airflow to heat the majority of the shop. It'll provided radiant heat pretty much only on one side of the work table, but that's it. Wearing several layers of clothes to stay warm is certainly a solution, but one that doesn't appeal to me. I'd rather not have layer of clothes and jackets to contend with...I need freedom to move, and... I just don't like having several layers of clothes on at one time. So I need a new garage heater...and are they expensive for what I need to adequately heat the shop.

Enough complaining. Here are some pictures from trip this past week to Tulum, Mexico.

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