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Retired United States Air Force Cyber Operations Officer that now works in the Poultry processing industry.  

  I am a private pilot with a passion for building airplanes.  It started with plastic models, then balsa free-flight planes, followed by radio control airplanes.   The obvious transition to building real airplanes followed once I could afford it.

  A little about the name "Huck".  When I was stationed in Korea with the 607th ACOMG I was given the call sign "Huck" one night during an Officer's Call/Naming ceremony at the Officer's Club.  "Tom" was suggested, but it was too obvious since my last name is Sawyer.  So "Big Mac" (607 ACOMG's Commander) gave me the call sign "Huckleberry".  I immediately requested the Colonel to allow me to shorten Huckleberry to Huck.  Normally quibbling about call signs is not allowed, but since I was already selected for Major (but had not pinned on the oak leaves yet), Big Mac thankfully allowed it.  RHIP

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