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February 4 2023 (My Brother's Birthday)

  Nothing too exciting, so not much to tell.  I started inventorying the 2 crates that make up the wings kit.  I am about halfway through with checking everything.  Unfortunately, I have not started looking at all the bags of rivets, buts, bolts, and other hardware.  That will take awhile.

Jan 27, 2023, Wings Kit Delivered

  Just as I hit the door on my way out of the plant this morning, I got the call from ABF Freight that my delivery was on the way and would arrive in an hour.  Great timing!  I had accepted that I would be woken up during the day and would have to unload the 2 crates.  But that was not the case thankfully.  ABF arrived about 10 AM and the driver was very helpful in unloading my crates.  He even helped me carry the long crate to the garage.  Kudos to the Lawrenceville, GA ABF Freight terminal because they were very accommodating and helpful.

January 17, 2023

  Wings Kit Schedule for Delivery on January 23, 2023

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